Where to buy a library card catalog

Where to buy a library card catalog

If you’ve been looking to buy a library card catalog, you’re not alone. Card catalogs are all the rage these days, used in shops and homes both for pure decoration and for serious organizing (I’ve seen them hold everything from craft materials to tools to wine bottles). And really, who wouldn’t want a little piece of library?
But where to find them? There’s the rub. I’ve scoured eBay and Craigslist for library catalogs with some luck, but often they’re bought up quickly. One alternative I’ve discovered is avid card catalog collector, Barry Muchnick. Muchnick is a private collector specializing in turn-of-the-century office furniture with lots of tiny drawers. His collection of card catalogs (and other furniture pieces with small drawers) has grown too large to house, so he’s offloading many of them. Almost all his pieces are antique quartersawn golden oak, with one mahogany and a few hard rock maple.
All the pieces pictured below are for sale by Muchnick. You can contact him at 315Whitney@gmail.com if you’re interested if buying any of these card catalogs — mention you saw them at Curled Up With A Book. Also, if you’re looking to buy a card catalog in another style, it’s worth emailing him to see if he has additional stock matching your tastes. Happy hunting!

*UPDATE 1/6/2012: If you have a library card catalog for sale, you can email curledupwithabook@gmail.com and I’ll try to post about your items.*

**UPDATE 5/26/2012: I will post updates to my Facebook page when I hear of new card catalogs for sale. Here’s the page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Curled-Up-With-a-Book/289758557081

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131 thoughts on “Where to buy a library card catalog

  1. I have a 72 drawer, solid oak, card catalog for sale. It is from a university in NC. There is one drawer missing. I live in central NC.

  2. I am trying to buy an old card catalogue. I live in the GTA. Please let me know if there are any available.


  3. I am looking for a Card Catalog with 50+ drawers either in Texas around Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin or LA Baton Rouge or New Orleans…email yoesbr@gmail.com if you have anything. Thanks!

  4. Hello! I’m looking for a card catalog in the Atlanta area. If anyone knows of some please let me know. The larger the card catalog the better. Thanks!!

  5. I’m looking for a card catalog in KS or close areas (KC, OKC, Lincoln NE). Please let me know if you have one.
    Thank you!

  6. Hello all,
    I’m looking for large card catalogs and watchmaker cabinets (like in the last picture). I’m also interested in old library cards if anyone has any they’re looking to get rid of.

    Jim – I’m also interested in your card catalog if you could send any pictures and price to laxkeeno@hotmail.com

    Barbara – is the seller with the 84-drawer card catalog still looking for a buyer? I’d be interested based on condition and price. I’ll email you as well.



  7. I am looking to purchase a card catalog. I can pick-up in Southern NH, in the Houston are, or in the Austin, TX area. If anyone has one or knows of one near any of those areas, please email me. Thank you!

  8. Hello, I am in search for a card catalog desk, table, or an actual one from a library. I am in Orlando, FL.

  9. Hello,
    I was wondering if have any contacts in Niagara Falls Canada.
    Have been looking for one of these pieces for a long time.
    Thank you in advance,


  10. Curly writes: “I have a few 72-drawer oak library card catalogs in outstanding, original, condition. Each has three pull-out shelves at mid-height. They’re about 40″ wide by 60″ tall by 18″ deep. –Curly email me at: curlysurmudgeon@live.com

  11. Hello,
    Northwest area looking for an Antique Library card catalog. 50 plus drawers.
    Washington, Idaho, Oregon Northern California.
    Email :KEDurish@hotmail.com

  12. Hello
    I am looking for a library card catalog with as many drawers as possible
    I would like 50 plus if possible, but will consider less if priced right
    some where near Santa Maria, california
    Thank you AL

  13. Live in South Florida [for now] and am looking for a card catalog 10 x 10 drawers (100 drawers) or bigger!



  14. Live in South Florida [for now] and am looking for a card catalog 9 x 6 drawers (54 drawers) or bigger!



  15. I have a card catalogue for sale in Ontario. It is a maple catalogue with 60 drawers and 3 pull-out shelves.

  16. Hello! I just this site and am looking in the NJ area. Please let me know if you have anything! THank you!

  17. I am in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Looking for a card catalogue that is near-ish, though willing to drive a few hours to find said treasure, including into the US – WA, or Portland. Reminds me of my library-working days… :) Thanks!

  18. In the Atlanta area and looking for a vintage or antique wooden card catalog with 50+ drawers and legs.

    My email should you happen to be selling such a thing is ginswim@hotmail.com

    I will drive out of state (if you’re in the south east) to pick it up

  19. I would like to purchase a card catalogue for home use. One small cabinet would be great. Looking for one in good condition. With legs would be preferable. I live in New Jersey.
    Please email me if you have one for sale.

  20. Still looking for a card cabinet in the west. Would prefer that it has not been painted and has around 48 drawers or so. Will love and care for a bigger one if it is adoptable…. I am in Utah, but will travel to Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, of California. Make a weekend of it. Thanks

  21. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and am looking for a vintage card catalogue. Thank you.

  22. Philadelphia area (suburbs, but local enough to the city or even the Lancaster or Harrisburg area) looking for a card cabinet. Need the actual “index card” cabinet (not the bigger drawers I’ve been seeing as the new take on library decor). Looking for a larger unit with lots of drawers as I have a lot I need to store in there. doesn’t need to be all fancy and refinished- we are more than capable of doing so ourselves.

    Please email me at: zombchan@gmail.com

  23. Hi – I am looking for card catalogs in CT / New England. Have a visually impaired 4 year old son – trying to get him to use “exercise” his eye by organizing baseball cards – also looking for sports cards as well. Please email me at wrileyjr@aol.com if you can help/provide direction. Thanks, Bill

  24. I live in Virginia and I am looking for a vintage card catalog for an anniversary present for my wife.

  25. Looking for more information from Jill in regards to the post below. Is it still available? If so, do you have any pictures available of it? Please email me at shadow49k@gmail.com if so. Thanks!
    January 18, 2012 at 10:02 am

    I have a 72 drawer, solid oak, card catalog for sale. It is from a university in NC. There is one drawer missing. I live in central NC.

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