Where to buy a library card catalog

Where to buy a library card catalog

If you’ve been looking to buy a library card catalog, you’re not alone. Card catalogs are all the rage these days, used in shops and homes both for pure decoration and for serious organizing (I’ve seen them hold everything from craft materials to tools to wine bottles). And really, who wouldn’t want a little piece of library?
But where to find them? There’s the rub. I’ve scoured eBay and Craigslist for library catalogs with some luck, but often they’re bought up quickly. One alternative I’ve discovered is avid card catalog collector, Barry Muchnick. Muchnick is a private collector specializing in turn-of-the-century office furniture with lots of tiny drawers. His collection of card catalogs (and other furniture pieces with small drawers) has grown too large to house, so he’s offloading many of them. Almost all his pieces are antique quartersawn golden oak, with one mahogany and a few hard rock maple.
All the pieces pictured below are for sale by Muchnick. You can contact him at 315Whitney@gmail.com if you’re interested if buying any of these card catalogs — mention you saw them at Curled Up With A Book. Also, if you’re looking to buy a card catalog in another style, it’s worth emailing him to see if he has additional stock matching your tastes. Happy hunting!

*UPDATE 1/6/2012: If you have a library card catalog for sale, you can email curledupwithabook@gmail.com and I’ll try to post about your items.*

**UPDATE 5/26/2012: I will post updates to my Facebook page when I hear of new card catalogs for sale. Here’s the page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Curled-Up-With-a-Book/289758557081

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131 thoughts on “Where to buy a library card catalog

  1. I live in Michigan and have an antique library card catalog in excellent condition. It has 60 removable drawers and 3 pull out shelves in the middle. 60″ tall 19″ deep and 41″ wide and very heavy. Maple wood?

  2. Hi: I’m fiending for a fabulous antique library catalog. Am in NYC but can easily travel to surrounding states. Feel free to e-mail if you have one, with pictures and price please. oneway2@nyc.com Thank you so much.

  3. I am in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and am looking for a card catalog for storing Magic The Gathering cards. My husband is an avid collector and our collection would stay as valuable if we could store it in a better system than anywhere he lays them. I love the idea of a catalog but didn’t realize it would be so difficult to find.

  4. I’m looking for an antique wood library card cataloque cabinet, oak or mahogany – more than 12 drawers. One on legs would be preferrable. I live in the Pennsylvania area. Thank you, Sima

  5. Looking for a 60- 72 wooden library card cabinet. I live in North County San Diego, California. Will pay for shipping and will coordinate with seller to arrange shipping. It will get a loving home.

  6. I am looking for a 50+ drawer card catalog. Prefer flat-front non-leg style. I live in VA but will travel to pickup if necessary. Thanks.

  7. I am looking for a vendor who makes them, or can make the front of the drawer for a project I am working on. Any leads?

  8. Hi, I would deeply appreciate any leads on a card catalog in Texas or any state bordering Tx. It would take me back to my days as a young library aide!

  9. I am looking for a medium size card catalogue and a large cabinet with the wide shallow drawers like in the last photo. I am in South East South Dakota. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

    Thanks so much!

  10. Looking for a card catalog in the Charlotte, NC area. Optimum size would be between 50 and 72 drawers. New to the search, but wifes 40th birthday is coming (January) and would love to pick one up. Thanks!!

  11. I live in Dalton, Ga. Am looking for a 40 or more drawer card catalog for my daughters art studio. Please email me if you have one. Will travel if it is in the southeast!

    Dana Land

  12. I live in Colorado and am looking for a 20+ card catalog, please let me know if there are any available.

    Thank you

  13. Thank you for your time. I’m looking forward to buying a library card catalog case for my jewelry, perfumes, hair accessories, etc. I love all wood but prefer light colored wood, including oak. I used to work at various libraries in my city and always loved the architecture. I found your website through “Curled Up With a Book” and thought maybe you might have some card catalog furniture around.

    Thank you for your time,

  14. I live in Wash DC and I’m looking for 30+ card catalog for my costume shop let me know if there is anything in my area

  15. I need a 20+ and a 40+ catalog to set up a couple seed lending locations in Ventura County. Any leads are appreciated!

  16. I live along Gulf Coast in Ocean Springs, MS area. I am looking for Library Card Catalog with 20 or more drawers. I guess I would settle for 12 drawer unit. But solid hard wood is a must. I have just started my quest.

  17. I live in southeast Wisconsin and am looking for a library card catalog, 15 to 40 drawers; willing to drive with the cash for the right price.


  18. I am looking for a card catalog for my husband. At least 8 drawers but not huge. He wants it to store his magic card collection and I have been searching far and wide. Please contact me if you have one for sale! South Carolina. Thank you so much!

  19. I live in Long Island, NY and I have a 60 drawer card catalog with pull out shelves for sale in good condition from a Manhattan Library

  20. Good day, I have quite a book collection and am looking god a card catalog to organize them to find them much better with author and subject

    I live in Mississippi and can pick if up as necessary.

    Thank you,,

  21. I am looking for an antique library card catalog in dark oak or mahogany if possible. I want it to be about 36″ high and about 5’6″ wide. An old library bookcase would be okay too. Will travel to pick up the right piece. Thank you

  22. My wife has been wanting one for 4 years but I wasn’t willing to drive to pick it up. Now I’ll do anything to make her happy. She wants a large wooden one 50 -90 drawers solid with brass if possible. I live near Dallas but am willing to drive almost anywhere. Any help would be appreciated…she asks for so little. Please help me put a smile on her face.
    Sincerely David Summers

  23. Hi – I am interested in purchasing 10 library card drawers to use for wedding centerpieces. they do not have to all match – would prefer rectangle. thanks so much –
    Kris guthrie

  24. I live in northeast Texas and want a library card cabinet. I would like one on legs, but it’s not a deal killer. I will travel to pick it up or I would pay for the shipping. I would like a large wooden one. It would take me back to my old library days in junior high school. Thanks for any help you can get me.

  25. I already have one 30 drawer school based library card catalog and am looking for another to top it off. I live in Kansas City. I am not sure what finish my current one has, but it’s the medium yellow-brown. I copy hand-written recipes and need it for 3″ x 5″ cards. I would be happy to get just one level but ecstatic to find 2 levels.
    Thank you so much for your attention to this request.

  26. I am desperately searching for a vintage tiger oak library card catalog/multi drawer cabinet. I live in Massachusetts but I am willing to take a bit of a road trip for the day to snag one of these.
    I don’t care about the width but do not want something more than about 52″ in height.
    Thanks for your help.

  27. I’m looking foe a library card catalog cabinet with at least 60 drawers.
    I live in AZ. So I’m hoping to find one close by.

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