Typewriter Envy

Typewriter Envy

I wish I had a typewriter…typewriter_pink

Olivetti Valentine Typewriter (1969) at My Typewriter


Olivetti Manual Typewriter at Fred Flare (saw it first at Geek Sugar)

Royal Typewriter - Turquoise (1950s) at Three Potato Four1950’s Royal Typewriter at Three Potato Four

typewriter_greenRemington Noiseless Portable in Duotone Green (1931) at My Typewriter

typewriter_redOlivetti Ico at Typewriter.be

corona blueCorona No. 4 in Blue at My Typewriter


Remington Rand at My Typewriter

corona-streamlineCorona Streamline (1930s) at My Typewriter

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3 thoughts on “Typewriter Envy

  1. Found your blog on Google ’cause I was also searching for Streamlined typewriters… I just bought myself a 1948 Smith-Corona Clipper and it just works wonder. The best part is I bought it at an neat antique store for $125!

    I think you should check out antique stores around your area and ask if they sell typewriters, and maybe you be amazed if they have them and actually works, ’cause people don’t use them much before. You’ll also be amazed if they’re cheaper than seeking typewriters on eBay or whatever. Typewriters now are bound to be antiques and ever someone buys one, they’ll place as interior decorations like vases.

    I don’t…. :D

    Anyways, good luck finding one!

    P.S. Great blog; I should stop by more often…

  2. Wow, sounds like you made a great find. Thanks for the tip about checking out antique stores — I’m definitely going to now!

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