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Library Card Catalogs

Library Card Catalogs

For a little while now I’ve been looking for an old library card catalog.  My quest has largely been disappointing in its results (probably because I don’t want to spend too much on it), but the other day I got a bit of inspiration to keep looking, via this design*sponge spotlight on Matthew Fairbanks. Fairbanks is a Brooklyn-based furniture artist who created this lovely card catalog writing desk.



I went hunting for some other nice card catalog shots and found lots of good ones, rekindling my hope that there’s a card catolog out there for me somewhere…

Good ol’ closeup in this ‘good ol days‘ shot from emdot on flickr:


Very pretty set up on Poetic Home‘s “My Favorite Vintage Things”:


Tasteful (ha ha) use of card catolags on Apartment Therapy:


I love the rich, warm wood of this catalogue from Underpuppy on flickr:


Interesting drawer…“Cataloging the Ladies, Barr Smith Libary, Adelaide” from ms sdb on flickr:


And lastly, a blast from the past — New York Public Library, circa 1923:


Jim Rosenau

Jim Rosenau


It always makes me happy to see old discarded books assume second lives, so of course it was love at first sight with Jim Rosenau’s contemporary fine art furniture, particularly the thematic bookcases and shelves created from vintage books.  Based in Berkeley California, Rosenau was inspired after reading Nicholson Baker’s essay “Books As Furniture,” and has been creating the bookshelves (and selling them both in the US and internationally) since 2002. Just take a gander at these beauties…wow! I love the colors, choice of titles, and related objects incorporated (keyboard letters with a key rack, kitchen tools with  cooking titles, hose nozzles with gardening books). Those of you lucky enough to live in Baltimore Maryland can see Rosenau exhibit this weekend, February 27th-March 1, at the American Craft Council Show. You can also view and buy works on Rosenau’s website This Into That.