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Juniper Books Curated Sets & Jackets

Juniper Books Curated Sets & Jackets

Looking to add a little extra wow to your bookshelf or desk, or searching for a nice set of books to gift? Check out the beautiful, creative book covers from Juniper Books. I first discovered their “Read Me” classics set (on the top shelf in their photo above) a few years ago; the set includes works by Dostoyevsky, Hugo, Dumas, and Poe. A few other of my favorites are below, but they have dozens to choose from, including fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. For a couple of popular series, you can purchase the book jackets alone. They also do custom projects, which look amazing!



If you love interesting bookshelves, I recommend Bookshelf, by Alex Johnson. Lots of unusual and interesting bookshelves.

A library in Japan has been built out of bookshelves.

via Gizmodo

Two-sided bookshelf

Two-sided bookshelves by X+L via Apartment Therapy

Bookshelf at D’Espresso, NYC

Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid.

1stWebDesigner posted a very cool collection of 35 interesting bookshelves. My favorites are:

T.Shelf from J1studio:

Francesco Innocenti’s Laica bookshelf:

Saba Italia’s bookshelf:

I also loved the beautiful shot of the Stockholm library.

I can’t believe I’m only just now discovering this site, called Bookshelf Porn. Every day they post a photo of a cool bookshelf, such as the two shown below. Love it!