Make Your Own Library Catalog Cards

Make Your Own Library Catalog Cards

card-catalog-generatorI love this nifty card catalog generator on, which lets you make your own library catalog cards. Just fill in the Call Number, Title, Card Text, and other “scribbles,”  then click “Make It!” and presto, you’ve got your own cards.

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3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Library Catalog Cards

  1. You Rock!

    Thanks for posting this. My 9 year old son got this school assignment wherein he needed to go to a library to copy contents of some library catalog cards. But due to recent storms and floodings in our area, the city library is closed. So I just copied and pasted some titles, authors and call numbers from an online library catalog, to this catalog generator…and voila! Instant Library Catalog Cards!

    Well, he just really needs the content, but I thought this is a good way to present it in class. :)

    Thanks again! Have a good day! :)

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