Livio de Marchi and his House of Books

Livio de Marchi and his House of Books

I’m so glad everyone loved the library pictures from Tuesday. When I see pictures of a beautiful library, especially if it happens to have one of those taaaaaall ladders for climbing up to top shelves, I inevitably start to dream about what it would be like to live somewhere like that, completely surrounded by books and cozy chairs for curling up in. Going with that idea of living somewhere competely surrounded by books, check out this house of books built by Italian carver Livio de Marchi. Amazing!! Everything from the tables and chairs to the bed and bookshelf looks like it has been made from books. OK, maybe not everything…the chimney looks like a giant fountain pen.






(This last one reminds me of the beginning of the Princess Bride).

He built this first House of Books in Italy in 1990, and a second in Germany in 1993, and a third in Japan in 1994. His carvings are by no means limited to books — you can even see a video on his website of him driving a floating wooden car in the canals of Venice.

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