Cool Bookshelf Ideas


If you love interesting bookshelves, I recommend Bookshelf, by Alex Johnson. Lots of unusual and interesting bookshelves.

Library Card Catalog for Sale! ($325)

Looking to buy library card catalogs? There’s a 30-drawer card catalog for sale in Florida for only $325.

Home Office with Awesome Bookshelves

So jealous right now. Move me in!

Apartment Therapy via Wildly Read

Guy Laramée

book art, altered book

Incredible altered books from interdisciplinary artist Guy Laramée, via Artist Day.

Ceramic book building

In Amsterdam. Via Bookshelfporn

The book is…

via Kimberly Shay on Pinterest

Itsy Bitsy Books

So tiny! Jozsef Tari has over 4,500 miniature books in his collection. He also has the world’s smallest newspaper, which measures 19×26 mm.


Thanks for the tip, Sam :)


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