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Bookends that look like books

Bookends that look like books

I’m a big fan of books that have hidden compartments (like these and these), so I was excited to find the above set of book bookends online yesterday at Amazon.  The bookends not only look like books, but also have drawers to hide stuff. Love it. I also hear from my mom that Barnes & Noble is carrying bookends that look like books. I went online to find them but apparently they are only carried in some of the brick-and-mortar locations.

It’s no secret that I like pretty books (see here and here). So I was obviously delighted to find that Faber & Faber has released another beautiful set of hardbacks.  The six poetry books from the Faber Poetry Collection 2010 are:

  • Ariel by Sylvia Plath (cover illustration by Sarah Young)
  • Dart by Alice Oswald (cover illustration by Jonathan Gibbs)
  • Kid by Simon Armitage (cover illustration by Peter Clayton)
  • Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis by Wendy Cope (cover illustration by Ed Kluz)
  • Nil, Nil by Don Paterson (cover illustration by Charles Shearer)
  • The Whitsun Weddings by Philip Larkin (cover illustration by Michael Kirkman)

I just love the specially commissioned hardcover prints that Faber does. They also did an 80th anniversary collection of poetry editions. Find out more here.

Don’t you just love these book boxes?  Disguised as a stack of vintage French books, each colored stack of two or three books is actually a small box with canvas hinges, perfect for jewelry, trinkets, or anything you want to hide. Reminds me of Claudia’s trick box for hiding candy in the Babysitter’s Club books. You can order them online at Wisteria. Another book box I like is here.

I couldn’t help smiling when I saw these Novel-T shirts this morning (thanks Erica!). Nerdy book t-shirts? What’s not to love? I personally would never wear a numbered athletic jersey to support a pro-sports player (I’ll go as far as an A’s hat), but I’ll happily don a t-shirt to show where my literary allegiance lies. Supporting your favorite literary hero has the added bonus of supporting the development of children’s writing skills — Novel-T donates $1 of each purchase to 826NYC. Click here to see the full line of t-shirts here. There’s also a release party next Friday, May 7, in Brooklyn.

Have you ever gotten a raised eyebrow from a stranger on a bus or in a cafe over your book choice? Now you can disguise your guilty reading pleasures with the “Reading List” series of book jackets by Book City Jackets ($12 for set of 3.) You’ll never have to worry about Twilight judgement again.

I’ve seen MacBook cases that look like old-fashioned books, but iPad and Kindle covers that look like books? Oh the irony. Yes, it seems you can disguise the fact that you using an e-reader. Designed by two Minnesotan bibliophiles, BOOK is a handmade, hardcover case to store your iPad or Kindle (different versions are available for the different e-readers), which look like books from the outside.  Disguise your iPad or Kindle on a bookshelf by using BOOK. Or confuse everyone with the “This is Not a Book” version.

I’m thrilled to share that the White’s Books Fine Edition of Sherlock Holmes: His Greatest Cases is now available in the US. Wouldn’t it make a beautiful gift? My dad loves Sherlock Holmes…might have to put that away for Father’s Day. In a few months, you’ll also be able to purchase a White’s Books Fine Edition of Emma — doesn’t it have beautiful cover? Pre-order now by clicking here.

You can also still purchase six of White’s Books Fine Editions published last year:

Click on any of the above  links to buy, or click here to see my older post on the first six books.