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Circular Bookshelves

Circular Bookshelves

I want…

or maybe…

Bookshelves by Eric Guiomar. via Apartment Therapy.

I can’t believe I’m only just now discovering this site, called Bookshelf Porn. Every day they post a photo of a cool bookshelf, such as the two shown below. Love it!

I love this SALKIM floating bookshelf from Das rote Paket. Made from steel wire, it moves gently when a breeze sweeps through the room, emphasizing the airiness of the design. I’d like to fill one with poetry books…poetry in motion!




Today’s book-inspired design is the Bookworm, a unique flexible bookshelf designed by Ron Arad and made by Kartell.


It comes in a slew of different colors (black, silver, cobalt blue, wine red, translucent, white and tea yellow) and lengths of 10.5 feet, 17.10 feet, and 26.9 feet.


You just the mold the bookshelf into whatever shape you want and then mount it on the wall. It’s strong too — each of the upright supports can bear about 20lbs. I found it at Unica Home.

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