20+ Library Card Catalogs for Sale

20+ Library Card Catalogs for Sale


Looking to buy a vintage library card catalog? Craigslist, Etsy, eBay and flea markets are all great places to look. For those searching right now, here are over 20 library catalogs currently for sale on Craigslist and Etsy. Happy hunting!

Library card catalogs on Craigslist

72-drawer card catalog in Monkton, Vermont, $100

Several 2 to 6-drawer catalogs in Oak Lawn, Illinois, $110-$225

15-drawer catalog in Livingston, Louisiana, $199

72-drawer in Danville, Indiana: $400

18-drawer catalog in Edwardsburg, Michigan, $425

60-drawer card catalog in West Memphis, Arkansas, $500

30-drawer card catalog in Norwalk, California, $575

Four 15-drawer units in New Mexico – Willing to ship if you pay freight, $580 or best offer.

30-drawer in Terre Haute, Indiana, $750

30-drawer card catalog in Roswell, Georgia, $800

72-drawer card catalog from Yale University in Hamden, New York, $900

Four 15-drawer card catalogs in Tempe, for $2,999

Three 30-drawer catalogs in Eugene, Oregon, $4,500

Library card catalogs on Etsy 

4-drawer (2×2), $269

15-drawer (5×3), $300

12-drawer (3×4), $400

60-drawer (6×10), $785

60-drawer (6×10), $895

36-drawer (3×6), $995

16-drawer (2×8), $995

60-drawer (6×10), $1,995

Brooksvale Artisans is selling several larger catalogs as well if your budget is higher.

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