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20+ Library Card Catalogs for Sale

Looking to buy a vintage library card catalog? Craigslist, Etsy, eBay and flea markets are all great places to look. For those searching right now, here are over 20 library catalogs currently for sale on Craigslist and Etsy. Happy hunting!

Library card catalogs on Craigslist

72-drawer card catalog in Monkton, Vermont, $100:

Several 2 to 6-drawer catalogs in Oak Lawn, Illinois, $110-$225:

15-drawer catalog in Livingston, Louisiana, $199:

72-drawer in Danville, Indiana: $400:

18-drawer catalog in Edwardsburg, Michigan, $425:

60-drawer card catalog in West Memphis, Arkansas, $500:

30-drawer card catalog in Norwalk, California, $575:

Four 15-drawer units in New Mexico – Willing to ship if you pay freight, $580 or best offer:

30-drawer in Terre Haute, Indiana, $750

30-drawer card catalog in Roswell, Georgia, $800:

72-drawer card catalog from Yale University in Hamden, New York, $900:

Four 15-drawer card catalogs in Tempe, for $2,999:

Three 30-drawer catalogs in Eugene, Oregon, $4,500:

Library card catalogs on Etsy 

4-drawer (2×2), $269:

15-drawer (5×3), $300:

12-drawer (3×4), $400:

60-drawer (6×10), $785:

60-drawer (6×10), $895:

36-drawer (3×6), $995:

16-drawer (2×8), $995:

60-drawer (6×10), $1,995:

Brooksvale Artisans is selling several larger catalogs as well if your budget is higher.


Best Gifts for Book Lovers

Looking for great gifts for book lovers? Here are 15 book-inspired gift ideas that avid readers will love.

And of course, Penguin’s fine editions with covers designed by Coralie Bickford Smith.

Card Catalog in Austin, TX

If you’re in the Austin area, Julie is selling a 30-drawer card catalog: 33″ x 38″ and 47″ tall, and two pull out shelves per side. She shares: “It was in use in the UT library for a while, so it has the normal chips, wear and tear that come with age and college students. I also have a few drawers full of the cards that came with it if those are of interest to anyone.” The photos are of a duplicate card catalog she’s currently using. If you’re interested, you can contact Julie through her original Craigslist ad, or if you post that you’re interested, I will email you directly with her email address.

Card Catalog for Sale – Pennsylvania

Barbara is trying to sell 2 library card catalogs in Western Pennsylvania. One is a 60-drawer and the other is a 30-drawer. These are from a university library and are mid 1950s.  She has all the brass rods that held the cards in place but they aren’t all showing in the photographs as they’re using the card catalogs to store other items.  She says they’re in pretty good shape.  If you’re interested, please contact Barbara directly at
library card catalog for sale
library card catalog for sale

Cool Bookshelf Ideas


If you love interesting bookshelves, I recommend Bookshelf, by Alex Johnson. Lots of unusual and interesting bookshelves.

Library Card Catalog for Sale! ($325)

Looking to buy library card catalogs? There’s a 30-drawer card catalog for sale in Florida for only $325.

Home Office with Awesome Bookshelves

So jealous right now. Move me in!

Apartment Therapy via Wildly Read

Guy Laramée

book art, altered book

Incredible altered books from interdisciplinary artist Guy Laramée, via Artist Day.

books & infinity

untitled piece by Job Koelewijn (2005) via Iconic books

Ceramic book building

In Amsterdam. Via Bookshelfporn

The book is…

via Kimberly Shay on Pinterest

Library Made of Bookshelves

A library in Japan has been built out of bookshelves.

via Gizmodo

Itsy Bitsy Books

So tiny! Jozsef Tari has over 4,500 miniature books in his collection. He also has the world’s smallest newspaper, which measures 19×26 mm.


Thanks for the tip, Sam :)


Wall-mounted Bookmark

Wall-mounted bookmark by ES Collection, available at Sleek Identity

Two-sided Bookshelves

Two-sided bookshelf

Two-sided bookshelves by X+L via Apartment Therapy

Bookshelves on the Floor?

Bookshelf at D’Espresso, NYC

Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid.

Mechanics’ Institute Library

via Mike Behnken on Flickr/Creative Commons

Book-Inspired Paintings by Stanford Kay

Blues Section, 2008

My Back Pages (Blue), 2009

The Natural World, 2009

French Painting, 2009

War Stories, 2007

Paintings by Stanford Kay. Kay is currently featured in a solo exhibition at BLANK SPACE through February 4, 2011.

Bookish Christmas Tree Alternative

via apartmenttherapy

23 Gifts for Book Lovers

Wondering what to gift the book lover in your life? While I always love receiving a bookstore gift card , bibliophiles will swoon over many other book-related presents. This gift guide rounds up some of my top bookish gifts for this year…beautiful fine editions of classic works of literature, laptop and iPad covers that look like books, book boxes, library-inspired stationery, and much more. Personally, I love the fine editions and PosterText’s literary posters..hint hint, dear family.. ;) Happy gifting! -Barbara

1. Penguin Classics released a gorgeous cloth-bound set of classic works of literature, with covers designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. (Usually $20 each, $12.44 on Amazon). There’s also a great new Penguin series for children, available at Anthropologie ($20).

2. BOOK for iPad is a clever handmade iPad case that looks like a book. Inside the hardcover, a 100% wool felt sleeve protects your iPad. ($99, or $109-$119 for customizations).

3. PosterText Over 20 posters each feature a book’s text shaped into an image of a memorable scene or object from the book. ($23.99-$34.99, currently offering free shipping if you buy 3 or more).

4. Book boxes Of all the book boxes I’ve seen, I think Wisteria’s are the prettiest. They resemble a stack of vintage French books (stacks are 2 or 3 books), and available in red, pink, blue, green, turquoise and stripes. ($44-49, on sale $30.80-34)

5. BookBook iMac case If I had a Mac, I’d be all over this hardback case that looks like an old book. Designed by TwelveSouth for the MacBook Pro (though not the white one) it comes in 13-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch size. ($79-$99)

6. The Last Tycoon, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, part of a beautiful Penguin hardback series with cover designs by Coralie Bickford-Smith (click here for Flappers and Philosophers, or here for The Beautiful and Damned).

7. Bookplates by Cavallini. Colorful bookplates to personalize a library. Cavallini products are also carried by Paper Source, Pottery Barn,  Blick Art Materials, Papyrus, Anthropologie, and Barnes & Noble.

8. A Book of Books by Abelardo Morell. Extraordinary photographs of books, perfect for a bibliophile’s coffee table. ($21.89)

9. Book City Jackets’ “Reading List” book jackets. For times when you want to be discreet about your reading choice, disguise your books with these Moby Dick, Ulysses, and War & Peace covers. ($12 for set of 3).

10. Treasure Island, Fine Edition. Cloth-bound editions of favorite books, with wraparound cover artwork from leading illustrators. Other titles in the series are: Sherlock Holmes: His Greatest Cases, EmmaJane EyreA Christmas Carol and Other StoriesSonnets and Poems, Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice.

11. Knock Knock Personal Library Kit This nifty kit for library lovers includes 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards, a pencil, date stamp, and ink pad. ($15.97)

12. Print for a Little Reader. This poster by Grace Hester Designs on Etsy lists children’s book titles in different typefaces. The artist was inspired by her daughter’s current and all-time favorite reads. ($20, for $10 extra choose your own book titles).

13. Secret Garden tea towel, by Kitchen Sink Dramas.

14. PaperSource bookmarks ($1.95).

15. Faber 80th Anniversary Poetry Editions. Illustrators and printmakers were commissioned for the covers of six new editions of twentieth-century poetry (by W.B. Yeats, W.H. Auden, Sylvia Plath, John Betjemen, T.S. Eliot, and Ted Hughes) and the woodcut and linocut results on the covers and matching endpapers are just beautiful. ($12.66)

16. Kindle. I know some die-hard book lovers will only read from paper editions, but I think a huge number of reading enthusiasts (myself included) would also love this electronic reading device. I’d love one for vacations, instead of having to lug a bunch of books in my suitcase! ($139)

17. Glass ball bookends from Restoration Hardware. (68.99)

18. Book Clock. This fully functioning clock is made out of a copy of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.

19. On Reading, by Andre Kertesz. A compilation of André Kertész’ photographs, which capture people reading all over the world. Anyone who loves to read will love this this book. ($19.77)

20. Novel-T literary shirts. Nerdy book t-shirts? What’s not to love? Don a t-shirt to show where your literary allegiance lies. ($29.95)

21. Demeter Paperback fragrance From Demeter’s website: “A dusty old copy of a Barbara Pym novel did it for us. This Demeter scent is sweet and just a touch musty, a lot like Pym’s world come to think of it. Read her if you haven’t. Her writing is wonderful, if slightly musty, English satire from the 60s and 70s.” ($20 for 1oz.)

22. Books to Check Out by Chronicle Books. Includes sections for listing books to read, your favorite passages, and books you’ve borrowed or lent. Love it. ($9.31)

23. Library card catalog stationery, from The Regional Assembly of Text. ($5.50 )

America’s 100 Largest Libraries

America's Largest Libraries
Via: the TravelInsurance Blog

Cara Barer in San Francisco

San Francisco’s Andrea Schwartz Gallery will be showing new work of Cara Barer in a two-person show running November 17–December 22, 2010. Definitely check it out if you’re in SF — Cara’s archival digital photographs are absolutely stunning (click here for a previous post on her work).

From the press release: “In an age of when the Internet is quickly becoming the primary source of information, Barer’s photographs act as a lament for the passing of an era when books were considered a pathway to knowledge.”

“Angel Food”



Unusual Bookshelves

1stWebDesigner posted a very cool collection of 35 interesting bookshelves. My favorites are:

T.Shelf from J1studio:

Francesco Innocenti’s Laica bookshelf:

Saba Italia’s bookshelf:

I also loved the beautiful shot of the Stockholm library.

Book Posters by Postertext

Postertext posters arrange a book’s text to depict a memorable scene from the book. Below are posters for  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, The Metamorphosis, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Ulysses. See all the posters here.

Livraria Lello Bookstore

I love staircases, so how could I not love the Livraria Lello bookstore in Portugal? via

Circular Bookshelves

I want…

or maybe…

Bookshelves by Eric Guiomar. via Apartment Therapy.

Back of NY public library

via ktylerconk on Flickr

I like how the door opens up to nothing.

Kylie Stillman, Book Artist

I always get such a thrill from discovering new book artists, so I was really happy that Flavorwire posted today about a piece of Australian artist Kylie Stillman‘s work. Represented by Utopia Art Sydney, Kylie makes beautiful book carvings, often with nature themes.

Book Art Kylie StillmanBook Art Kylie Stillman

Book Art Kylie Stillman Book Art Kylie Stillman

Book Art Kylie Stillman Kylie Stillman book art

Brooklyn Book Festival

Brooklyn Book FestivalReally wish I was in New York this weekend. If you are, check out the Brooklyn Book Festival, taking place this Sunday, Sept. 12, from 10am-6pm.

There are tons of author readings–Salman Rushdie, Naomi Klein, Paul Auster, Venus Williams, Nelson George, Sarah Silverman, Gary Shteyngart, Mary Gaitskill, John Ashbery, Rosanne Cash, Paul Krugman, Colson Whitehead, Francine Prose, Dennis Lehane, Per Petterson, Esmeralda Santiago, Pete Hamill, Jennifer Egan, Russell Banks, Michael Connelly, John Hodgman, Kristen Schaal, Sam Lipsyte, Sloane Crosley, Maaza Mengiste, Paul Harding, Amy Goodman, Marlon James, Sarah MacLean, Jean Valentine, Elizabeth Nunez.

Plus, there is a marketplace in Borough Hall Plaza and Columbus Park with 170 vendors–including national and local booksellers, publishers, authors and presses galore. And remember those literary-inspired T-shirts I posted about a few months ago? They’ll be there too.

Book covers designed by Gabrielle Wilson

I found these pretty covers on The Book Cover Archive. Isn’t it a nice set? They were designed by Gabrielle Wilson and published by the Poetry Society of America.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies–the movie

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.” Thus begins Seth Graham-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance – Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! Back in early 2009, I posted about the book (for the old posts, click here and here).  Despite being sold on Amazon, I thought it was a joke. It was not. Over the summer I’ve seen it on the shelves of major bookstores, with a poor young lady zombie wearing a decomposing grin and blood-splattered gown. It gets worse (or better?) — now the Regency zombies are getting ready for their silver screen debut, and Natalie Portman will be starring and producing. I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised..after all, anything related to Jane Austen sells. A lot of Jane Austen fans will want to read/see these works…how about you?

Coralie Bickford-Smith Designs F. Scott Fitzgerald Covers

Making our bookshelves prettier one cloth-bound book at a time, Coralie Bickford-Smith is known for her beautiful cover designs. The Penguin Books cover designer has turned out yet another stunning set of book covers, illustrating F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works in eye-catching patterns and metallics. I can’t wait to get them! For some other examples of Coralie’s work, check out the posts here and here. Or go straight to her website. You can also shop her other titles here. Happy hunting!

Georgia Russell – Book Artist

I love Georgia Russell‘s art. The Scottish artist cuts up printed works (books, newspapers, maps, music scores, photos, etc.) to create simply amazing pieces. The last time I posted about her work was about a year and a half ago (click here for that post), so I figure it’s high time for an update–check out the beauties below.  I find the the new landscape/nature-based pieces particularly striking. If you fall in love with one, check the England & Co. website to see if it’s available for sale.

Bookends that look like books

I’m a big fan of books that have hidden compartments (like these and these), so I was excited to find the above set of book bookends online yesterday at Amazon.  The bookends not only look like books, but also have drawers to hide stuff. Love it. I also hear from my mom that Barnes & Noble is carrying bookends that look like books. I went online to find them but apparently they are only carried in some of the brick-and-mortar locations.

Book Wallpaper

I love the idea of book-themed wallpaper. I’ve seen a few great examples before of bookshelf wallpaper before (see here and here), but this new Stacked Paperback Wallpaper by Tracey Kendall at might be my favorite. The hand-screen printed paper is only available on and unfortunately can’t be shipped internationally.

Bookshelf Porn

I can’t believe I’m only just now discovering this site, called Bookshelf Porn. Every day they post a photo of a cool bookshelf, such as the two shown below. Love it!

Book-based Music Video for “Sweetheart”

Created from images of secondhand books, this very cool video is for The Wave Pictures EP Sweetheart, directed by Ben Reed.

Which famous author do you write like?

So you think you write like Hemingway…now you can prove it. The web site “I Write Like” allows you to have a piece of your writing analyzed for word choice and style to see how your writing compares to famous authors. Then you can promote your writing with an “I Write Like” badge.

According to some of my writing samples,

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


I write like
Kurt Vonnegut

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

How do you stack up? Are you a Cory Doctorow? A Dan Brown? I’m interested to hear which other writers are options…

Check it out at

Where to buy a library card catalog

If you’ve been looking to buy a library card catalog, you’re not alone. Card catalogs are all the rage these days, used in shops and homes both for pure decoration and for serious organizing (I’ve seen them hold everything from craft materials to tools to wine bottles). And really, who wouldn’t want a little piece of library?
But where to find them? There’s the rub. I’ve scoured eBay and Craigslist for library catalogs with some luck, but often they’re bought up quickly. One alternative I’ve discovered is avid card catalog collector, Barry Muchnick. Muchnick is a private collector specializing in turn-of-the-century office furniture with lots of tiny drawers. His collection of card catalogs (and other furniture pieces with small drawers) has grown too large to house, so he’s offloading many of them. Almost all his pieces are antique quartersawn golden oak, with one mahogany and a few hard rock maple.
All the pieces pictured below are for sale by Muchnick. You can contact him at if you’re interested if buying any of these card catalogs — mention you saw them at Curled Up With A Book. Also, if you’re looking to buy a card catalog in another style, it’s worth emailing him to see if he has additional stock matching your tastes. Happy hunting!

*UPDATE 1/6/2012: If you have a library card catalog for sale, you can email and I’ll try to post about your items.*

**UPDATE 5/26/2012: I will post updates to my Facebook page when I hear of new card catalogs for sale. Here’s the page:

Cool Bookstores

Just found a really post on cool bookstores. What’ve we got here? An an ex-theatre in Buenos Aires, a mod children’s bookstore in Beijing, a giant plant-filled bookstore in Mexico City, and a former cathedral in the Netherlands. Don’t you just want to live in them?

Faber Poetry Editions

It’s no secret that I like pretty books (see here and here). So I was obviously delighted to find that Faber & Faber has released another beautiful set of hardbacks.  The six poetry books from the Faber Poetry Collection 2010 are:

  • Ariel by Sylvia Plath (cover illustration by Sarah Young)
  • Dart by Alice Oswald (cover illustration by Jonathan Gibbs)
  • Kid by Simon Armitage (cover illustration by Peter Clayton)
  • Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis by Wendy Cope (cover illustration by Ed Kluz)
  • Nil, Nil by Don Paterson (cover illustration by Charles Shearer)
  • The Whitsun Weddings by Philip Larkin (cover illustration by Michael Kirkman)

I just love the specially commissioned hardcover prints that Faber does. They also did an 80th anniversary collection of poetry editions. Find out more here.


Found a new spot to get typewriters: Brady & Kolowski. Some other typewriters I like are here.

Pretty Book Boxes

Don’t you just love these book boxes?  Disguised as a stack of vintage French books, each colored stack of two or three books is actually a small box with canvas hinges, perfect for jewelry, trinkets, or anything you want to hide. Reminds me of Claudia’s trick box for hiding candy in the Babysitter’s Club books. You can order them online at Wisteria. Another book box I like is here.

a stack of books

by austinevan

Novel-T shirts

I couldn’t help smiling when I saw these Novel-T shirts this morning (thanks Erica!). Nerdy book t-shirts? What’s not to love? I personally would never wear a numbered athletic jersey to support a pro-sports player (I’ll go as far as an A’s hat), but I’ll happily don a t-shirt to show where my literary allegiance lies. Supporting your favorite literary hero has the added bonus of supporting the development of children’s writing skills — Novel-T donates $1 of each purchase to 826NYC. Click here to see the full line of t-shirts here. There’s also a release party next Friday, May 7, in Brooklyn.

NY Library On Opening Day

Courtesy of the Library of Congress, here is the New York Public Library at Public Library (at Fifth Avenue in New York City) on opening day in May, 1911.

Bookmarks for Team Edward & Team Jacob

OK, so after talking about hiding your Twilight book the other day, I thought it was only fair to post something for those who aren’t ashamed of their Twilight reading habits.  I was curious what kind of Twilight merchandise is available…let me tell you, it’s crazy, you can get Twilight anything. I did think these Edward-inspired Twilight bookmarks from sharlzndollz on etsy were fun, and the wolf-charm bookmark from Epic Emporium for Team Jacob.

Aspirational Book Jackets

Have you ever gotten a raised eyebrow from a stranger on a bus or in a cafe over your book choice? Now you can disguise your guilty reading pleasures with the “Reading List” series of book jackets by Book City Jackets ($12 for set of 3.) You’ll never have to worry about Twilight judgement again.

iPad Cover Looks Like a Book

I’ve seen MacBook cases that look like old-fashioned books, but iPad and Kindle covers that look like books? Oh the irony. Yes, it seems you can disguise the fact that you using an e-reader. Designed by two Minnesotan bibliophiles, BOOK is a handmade, hardcover case to store your iPad or Kindle (different versions are available for the different e-readers), which look like books from the outside.  Disguise your iPad or Kindle on a bookshelf by using BOOK. Or confuse everyone with the “This is Not a Book” version.

Altered Book by Noriko Ambe

Altered book by Noriko Ambe, titled 1000 of Self (2007), made by cutting the book 1000 On 42nd Street
by Neil Selkirk. Click here to check out more of Noriko Ambe’s work.

Sherlock Holmes & Emma: New White’s Books Fine Editions

I’m thrilled to share that the White’s Books Fine Edition of Sherlock Holmes: His Greatest Cases is now available in the US. Wouldn’t it make a beautiful gift? My dad loves Sherlock Holmes…might have to put that away for Father’s Day. In a few months, you’ll also be able to purchase a White’s Books Fine Edition of Emma — doesn’t it have beautiful cover? Pre-order now by clicking here.

You can also still purchase six of White’s Books Fine Editions published last year:

Click on any of the above  links to buy, or click here to see my older post on the first six books.

Colorful Book Wallpaper

I’m always excited when I see book wallpaper. Some part of me wishes I could live in an old-fashioned library, with books all the way up to the ceiling, and a towering ladder to reach them. This dream started back when I was in elementary school, when I would have loved to have this “Library” wallpaper in my bedroom.  Designed by Tom Slaughter, this book wallpaper is part of Cavern Home’s artist series. Cavern Home is a boutique wallpaper design firm, and they have many beautiful non-bookish designs too. Check them out here. For black-and-white book wallpaper in a different style, check out this earlier post.


The BookBook is hardback leather case designed for MacBook and MacBook Pro, making your laptop look like an old  book. See Twelve South for more info on the BookBook. I first saw the Book Book mentioned here. What a fun way to protect your Mac!

To buy other Twelve South products, click here.


I’m loving the round-up of bookends that Design*Sponge posted yesterday. I like the idea of flanking your books with a creative set of bookends.  My favorites were a sliced apple bookend available at Pottery Barn,  and scissor bookends from Ballard Designs. Go take a look here for the rest.

Su Blackwell – Pandora Opens Box

“Pandora Opens Box” is piece by Su Blackwell. From Blackwell’s website, here is her artist statement:

“Paper has been used for communication since its invention; either between humans or in an attempt to communicate with the spirit world. I employ this delicate, accessible medium and use irreversible, destructive processes to reflect on the precariousness of the world we inhabit and the fragility of our life, dreams and ambitions.

It is the delicacy, the slight feeling of claustrophobia, as if these characters, the landscape have been trapped inside the book all this time and are now suddenly released. A number of the compositions have an urgency about them, the choices made for the cut-out people from the illustrations seem to lean towards people on their way somewhere, about to discover something, or perhaps escaping from something. And the landscapes speak of a bleak mystery, a rising, an awareness of the air.”

Another post on Su Blackwell’s works is here.  Or visit Blackwell’s website for even more images.

Uris Library Stacks

Uris Library Stacks in Cornell

Uris Library Stacks at Cornell, by Eflon on flickr. Such a beautiful library…I’d love to curl up with a book there.

Stop-motion altered book video

If you like altered books, you will love this stop-motion ad. Thanks for sharing Jason.

"Smell of Books" in a can

Smell of Books asks, “Have you been avoiding e-books because they just don’t smell right?”

Their aerosol e-book enhancer claims to be the answer. Now you can read on your iPad or Kindle without missing that classic book scent you love. What a hilarious concept. The Smell of Books maker also has a New Book Smell, Classic Musty Smell, Crunchy Bacon Smell, Eau You Have Cats, and Scent of Sensibility (ha).

Benedictine Monastery of Ripoll

Another beautiful library. This one is of the Benedictine Monastery of Ripoll, and was taken by Reinante el Pintor.

Book Journal from Chronicle Books

Santa gave me this fun Books to Check Out: A Journal by Chronicle Books. There are sections for listing books to read, your favorite passages, and books you’ve borrowed or lent. Love it.

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische

heck this out: Typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische is sharing some lovely drop caps with the blogosphere via The Daily Drop Cap project. Most days, she posts a hand-crafted decorative initial cap for you to use and enjoy. I love it! To go to her website to get the drop caps, click here. Here’s some of her latest drop caps alphabet…

Penguin Classics Designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith

coralie bickford-smith

I’m a big fan of Coralie Bickford-Smith‘s cover designs (earlier this year I pointed out some of her great designs). Today I’m extra excited to show off these  cloth-bound classics that Coralie designed for for Penguin. I heard about them this morning via design*sponge, where you can also find an interview with Coralie. The series just became available in the US. Wouldn’t they make great gifts?

bovaryGreat ExpectationsSense and SensiblityThe Woman in whitePicture of Dorian GrayPride and Prejudice

coralie bickford-smith 2

Where the Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr. Fox

Everyone’s talking about Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak, which has been adapted and directed by Spike Jonze. Where the Wild Things Are Poster

Where The Wild Things Are poster for sale for $14.5o at

But, I’m actually more excited about another upcoming movie that has been adapted from a beloved children’s book–Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox! I love this book. The stop-motion film is directed by Wes Anderson and features the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, and Jason Schwartzman.

This first edition copy of the Fantastic Mr Fox book, with Tony Ross’ illustrations, is available at The Wee Web

Fantastic Mr Fox

Library Heaven

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” Jorge Luis Borgesw

Cambridge - Kings College Library

Cambridge, Kings College Library

Image source: Cornell Univeristy Library

Red light, green light

Conway Library London

Witt Library London

Two more library photos from German photographer Candida Höfer, via thenonist.

Top image:  Conway Library London, by Candida Höfer

Bottom image: Witt Library London, by Candida Höfer

Candida Höfer – Library Photos from Around the World

Who doesn’t love amazing library photos? These are all from German photographer Candida Höfer, famous for her photos of large, silent, and serene libraries, universities, and museums. Check out more at in her book Libraries , and buy some of the originals at

canadida hofer

Candida Hofer

Rijksarchief Limburg Maastricht I Library, 2003

Rijksarchief Limburg Maastricht I Library, 2003

Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, 2006Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, 2006

Handelingenkamer tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal den Haag III

Handelingenkamer tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal den Haag III

Bibliothèque Administrative de la Ville de Paris IBibliothèque Administrative de la Ville de Paris I, 2007

Book Covers: Silhouettes

All from the The Book Cover Archive.

Top row, from left to right:

The World Without Us. Author: Alan Wiseman. Book cover designer: Pete Garceau.
The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson. Author: Jerome Charyn. Book cover designer: Gabrielle Wilson.
The Golden Road. Author: Caille Miller. Book cover designer: Darren Haggar.

Middle row, from left to right:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Other Jazz Stories. Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald.
The Chess Machine. Author: Robert Lohr. Book cover designer: Gray318.
Jane Eyre. Author: Charlotte Bronte. Book cover designer:  Megan Wilson.

Bottom row, from left to right:

English as She is Spoke. Author: José da Fonseca.
Dangerous Frames. Author: Nicholas J. G. Winter. Book cover designer: Isaac Tobin.
Battle Royale. Author: Koushun Takami. Book cover designer: Izumi Evers.

Indianapolis Central Library

Indianapolis Central Library, from Serge Melki on Flickr.

Indianapolis Central Library

Indianapolis Central Library2

Indianapolis Central Library3

Indianapolis Central Library4

Coralie Bickford-Smith

I found these great book covers designs by Coralie Bickford-Smith at the Book Cover Archive.

The Masque of the Red Death Summer in AlgiersThe Virgin of the Seven Daggers

The Masque of the Red Death, book cover by Coralie Bickford-Smith; Summer in Algiers, by Albert Camus, book cover by Coralie Bickford-Smith; The Virgin of the Seven Daggers, book cover by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Library of the Main Monastery in Gyantse, Tibet

Library of the Main Monastery in Gyantse TibetLibrary of the Main Monastery in Gyantse, Tibet, at

Book City Jackets

I’m so happy to have discovered Book City Jackets on design*sponge this week. These new artist edition covers by Eveline Tarunadjaja, Morgan Blair and Matthew Caputo are great.


whale whisperer

king birds

I also like these ones, from another series:



Jacqueline Rush Lee

Beautiful book sculptures from Jacqueline Rush Lee:

Absolute Depth



inside out

Unfurled, Devotion Series 2008

From top to bottom: Absolute Depth, Anthologia, Peacock, Inside Out, Unfurled: Devotion Series 2008

Thank you to the reader that sent me Jacquline’s website!

Sarah Bodman – The Romantic Imagination Unleashed

Romantic Imagination UnleashedSee a selection of Sarah Bodman’s work here.

Art for Travel Book Covers

Check out these works by Mary Lou Dauray specially commissioned for the Night+Day travel guide book covers.  Beauties. There are lots of great things about these guides (I should know, I work editorially on them), but I’ll save all that for another time.

New Orleans

New Orleans

New York

New York





M.L. Van Nice’s Swiss Army Book

swiss army book

Swiss Army Book by M.L. Van Nice

Wikipedia Book

If Wikipedia were a book….

wikipedia book

wikipedia 2

This was created by Rob Matthew, who I discovered via

Faber 80th Anniversary Poetry Editions

I’ve been drooling over Faber’s gorgeous 80th anniversary poetry covers ever since spotting them on designsponge last week.  Illustrators and printmakers were commissioned for the covers of six new editions of twentieth-century poetry (by W.B. Yeats, W.H. Auden, Sylvia Plath, John Betjemen, T.S. Eliot, and Ted Hughes) and the woodcut and linocut results on the covers and matching endpapers are just beautiful. I recently started dabbling in linocuts and found these to be fantastic inspiration. Visit FaceOut Books for a great description of project designer Miriam Rosenbloom’s process, including how themes, artists, and unifying elements were chosen. I’d think they’d make beautiful gifts. W.H. Auden Faber 80th Anniversary EditionPoetry of WH Auden, poems selected by John Fuller, cover by Paul CatherallSylvia Plath Faber 80th Anniversary EditionPoetry of Sylvia Plath, poems selected by Ted Hughes, cover by Peter LawrenceJohn Betjeman Faber 80th Anniversary EditionPoetry of John Betjeman, poems selected by Hugo Williams, cover by Joe McLarenT.S. Eliot Faber 80th Anniversary EditionPoetry of T.S. Eliot, poems selected by T.S. Eliot, cover by Clare CurtisW.B. Yeats Faber 80th Anniversary EditionW.B. Yeats, poems selected by Seamus Heaney, cover by Heaney Nick MorleyTed Hughes Faber 80th Anniversary EditionPoetry of Ted Hughes, poems selected by Simon Armitage, cover by Mark Hearld


ulysses james joyceHappy Bloomsday!

Today, June 16th, is the day on which James Joyce’s mammoth novel Ulysses takes place.

Check out what’s going on in Ireland and around the world and a brief timeline of where and when the novel’s events take place on the James Joyce Center website.

East Coast Libraries

This weekend I flew into Boston for a really lovely wedding in Western Massachusetts, so I wanted to share pics of few East Coast libraries. I love how some have a cozy, quaint feel and others are nice and grand.

Want to show me your library shots? Send pics to and I might include them in a future library post.

Calais Free Library

Calais Free Library, Maine from Number six (bill lapp) on Flickr.

Kennedy Library, Massachusetts

Kennedy Library, Boston from Tony the Misfit on Flickr.

Library of Congress, Washington DCLibrary of Congress, Washinton DC from maveric2003 on Flickr.

Seattle Public Library + YOUR library photos

I’ve been a little obsessed with library shots lately. I’d love to find more great libraries,  so if you have library shots from your hometown or places you’ve visited, email them to me at and I’ll try to include them in a post on that library!

Today I’m loving the Seattle Public Library…so colorful!

Seattle Public Library

by TroyMason on Flickr

Green Shadowfrom Jan Tik on flickr

Reading at Seattle Library on Tetris Chairsfrom boy27wonder on Flickr

meetingrooms3from sashafatcat on flickr

Seattle Public Library2by JeffWilcox on Flickr

Seattle Public Library3from faeryboots on Flickr

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Love this library photograph of the Vasconcelos “mega-library” in Mexico City. Taken by Eneas, found on Flickr.

Bibliochaise Book Chair

Check out this nifty Bibliochaise book chair (found on Decomodo thanks to a tip..thanks Kelly!)


Cara Barer

Check out these stunning photographs by photographer and sculptor Cara Barer. Gorgeous.  Click here to see lots more on Cara’s website.


“Butterfly #2”




“Wave and Fog”


“La Bruja”







Su Blackwell


I love this piece by paper and book artist Su Blackwell. I discovered her on decor8 and on missv. Check out Su’s site. Amazing.

SF Public Library Forgives Fines

returnthebooksOverdue library books? For two weeks, The San Francisco Public Library is forgiving your overdue book fines if you just bring the books back! Anytime from May 3rd-May 16th, return your overdue library books to any San Francisco Public Library branch and your fines will be forgiven. To encourage people to participate, the Library is asking people to share their best excuse for why their books are overdue at

Taru Norberg Qwerty Hairbands

computer key hairbands

I’ve seen lots of vintage typewriter key products (I even posted a little while back about vintage typewriter key products on Etsy) but this is the first time I’ve seen computer keys repurposed like this. These SECCO hairbands designed by Taru Norberg (and sold by the Greener Grass Design) are made from used computer, type-writer, and cashier register keys.  I’m not sure the computer keys have the same allure as the typewriter. I have to admit they look cute as a hairband, but it seems like  something a only a little girl would wear, and from what I know of little girls, they would probably prefer something pink or sparkly! Apparently they have been a hit by standards though: In 2007, the Swedish National Museum included Norberg’s hairbands into their  modern design collection.

Beyond the Page: Re-Illustrating Our Favorite Children’s Books

preview-seanclaritythevelveteenrabbSean Clarity, inspired by The Velveteen Rabbit

Heads up San Francisco book-lovers! There’s a cool exhibit opening this Friday, May 1 at Gallery 1988 (1173 Sutter St., at Polk). It’s called “Beyond the Page: Re-Illustrating Our Favorite Children’s Books,” and if you couldn’t tell from the title of the exhibit, it features original illustrations of characters and scenes from favorite children’s books. Some of the books you’ll see new art for: Bridge to Terabithia, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Velveteen Rabbit, Calvin and Hobbes, and Snow White.

The show is free, but the gallery asks visitors to bring a new children’s book. They’ll be donated to the San Francisco Unified School District. The show lasts May 1-21, 2009, and the opening reception is Friday May 1, 7-10pm.

Check out preview images (including the one above) on the Gallery 1988 blog.

Quote-Unquote Bookends

I think these Quote-Unquote bookends by Eric Janssen are pretty fun. They each weigh two pounds (thanks to a concrete core). I found them on the Greener Grass Design website.


Back in Action

Whew, it has a busy couple weeks. A big thank you for all the kind messages about the new book! I feel bad that I’ve been neglecting my blogging, but I’m back in action now.  One of the fun things I’ve been working on lately is a new blog design, so you can look forward to seeing that in a month or so.  In the meantime, I’ve got some great books, book artists, and book products to share, plus some cool library shots, so be sure to check back in!

the-best-american-travel-writingCurrently reading: The Best American Travel Writing, edited by Pico Iyer (so far, it’s been good for travel writing inspiration)

Currently loving: these tiny books for the fridge on flickr.

Book Camera from Urban Outfitters

A book camera! I used to love playing “spies” when I was little, and of course was a huge fan of “Harriet the Spy.” This one is available online at Urban Outfitters and comes in red and green colors.





Make Your Own Library Catalog Cards

card-catalog-generatorI love this nifty card catalog generator on, which lets you make your own library catalog cards. Just fill in the Call Number, Title, Card Text, and other “scribbles,”  then click “Make It!” and presto, you’ve got your own cards.

San Francisco Step by Step, by Barbara Rockwell

san-francisco-guidebookThe San Francisco guidebook San Francisco Step by Step (published by Insight Guides) became available today at, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other major book retailers. Whether you’re a San Francisco visitor, newcomer, or someone who has called the Bay Area home for years, this San Francisco travel guidebook’s walking tours are a great way to explore San Francisco on foot. Of course, another reason I’m so excited about these San Francisco walking tours is because I wrote them! To learn more about the San Francisco Step by Step travel guidebook, click here.  Happy exploring!

Book Covers as Posters, Part II

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with a lot of blank wall space in my apartment, so I’ve been doing some more hunting for prints of book covers.  Some of my favorite book posters from this round are below.



One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne (love that deep crimson color!), Around the World in Eighty Days, Paradise Lost by John Milton, Title page of the first edition of Les Miserables by Victor , One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia MarquezHugo

Library Card Catalogs

For a little while now I’ve been looking for an old library card catalog.  My quest has largely been disappointing in its results (probably because I don’t want to spend too much on it), but the other day I got a bit of inspiration to keep looking, via this design*sponge spotlight on Matthew Fairbanks. Fairbanks is a Brooklyn-based furniture artist who created this lovely card catalog writing desk.



I went hunting for some other nice card catalog shots and found lots of good ones, rekindling my hope that there’s a card catolog out there for me somewhere…

Good ol’ closeup in this ‘good ol days‘ shot from emdot on flickr:


Very pretty set up on Poetic Home‘s “My Favorite Vintage Things”:


Tasteful (ha ha) use of card catolags on Apartment Therapy:


I love the rich, warm wood of this catalogue from Underpuppy on flickr:


Interesting drawer…“Cataloging the Ladies, Barr Smith Libary, Adelaide” from ms sdb on flickr:


And lastly, a blast from the past — New York Public Library, circa 1923:


Funny Book Club Video

I wish I could say this video bears no resemblance to actual book clubs…

Nicholas Jones, Book Sculptor

After stumbling upon some fantastic creations of Melbourne-based book Nicholas Jones (via an interview at the design files), I’ve been poring over the photographs of Nicholas’ folded and cut works on his website.  Check these out, and find more here:

“Greek Art”


“Current Affairs Bulletin 1”








“Bookworm Ensconced”



I saw some fun “this book belongs to” bookplates by Sara Jensen on design*sponge this morning and ended up hunting down some other bookplate designs on etsy.

letterpress-owl-bookplatesletterpress owl bookplate by sycamorestreetpress

ex-stylist-the-typistex stylis bookplate (latin for “from the pens of”) for the writer, from xinkblot


art nouveau – belle bookplate by cricicis

french-designs-2personalized ex libris bookplates by mrexlibris


Insect bookplates from UglyKitty

vintage-ad-bookplatesvintage ad bookplates by nouveaudesigns

Bookshelf Wallpaper

Like books but don’t have room for a bookshelf? Check out this fantastic hand-printed wallpaper designed by Deborah Bowness (who I discovered via Patternpulp).  It looks like a bookshelf!



Rainbow Library Shots

Just some fun technicolor library eye-candy (plus a cute little pug) to brighten up this Monday…”bookshelf spectrum” and “bookshelf spectrum, revisited“, from chotda on flickr.



Literary Awards

This Wednesday, the David Cohen Prize for Literature was given to poet Seamus Heaney. The lifetime achievement award is given to a living author every two years, and recognizes the writer’s contribution to British literature.

mbigenericAlso announced this week were the nominees for two prestigious literary awards — the Orange Prize and Man Booker International Prize. The Man Booker International Prize is also a lifetime achievement award; it’s presented every other year to a fiction writer. This year’s nominees are: Peter Carey,  Evan S Connell, Mahasweta Devi, E.L. Doctorow, James Kelman, Mario Vargas Llosa, Arnošt Lustig, Alice Munro,V S Naipaul, Joyce Carol Oates, Antonio Tabucchi, Ngugi Wa Thiong’O, Dubravka Ugresic, and Ludmila Ulitskaya. I’m really happy to see Alice Munro on the list — she’s one of my favorite authors.  The Man Booker International Prize will be awarded in May.

orange1The Orange Prize nominees were also announced this week (finalists will be announced on April 21, and the winner revealed on June 3). The annual prize is awarded to a female fiction writer. There are 20 nominees, including  Marilynne Robinson (for Home) and Toni Morrison (for A Mercy). Click here for the full list of nominees.

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